Reasons to lose emotional intimacy in a relationship

What is emotional intimacy? Till now, you have heard about getting sexually intimate with your partner. You have heard about sharing extreme sexual desires between two persons who are in love. But what is emotional intimacy? And how that affects a relationship? Emotional intimacy can be characterized as connecting with your partner emotionally. Well, that never means sharing things only or how much loyal you are towards your partner. Well, that is not emotional intimacy. The term can refer to the peace you receive when you connect with your partner. It can be characterized as how you two become sufficient for one another in a crowd. You can also identify it by the way one always feels connected to his/her partner. It is always hearing the unsaid. Well, when you feel emotional intimacy with your partner you feel safe with him/ her. And you know that nothing wrong can go on when you are together. 

Thus emotional intimacy can be symbolized as one of the pillars of a successful relationship. But there are many a time when you might feel that emotional intimacy is lacking. It can be identified as the isolation feeling that you sense while being with your partner or your lack of safety while being with him/her. You may tell us that you spend hours with your partner then how is emotional intimacy lacking? Tell us do your partner understand you always? Or recently you are finding it impossible to make your partner understand something? That is a sign that you are not emotionally together. At those times it just gets to be a relationship without any charm and love. And you know what to do at those times. It can go painful with time, so it is always better to take the best decision before it gets too far.

Wondering what can be the reason for losing emotional intimacy in a relationship. Well, there can be a variety of reasons. But we bring you the best ones. 

  • Always getting too much busy with something that doesn’t include your partner is the reason for feeling detached. When you are too much busy or vice versa, the other half doesn’t feel the attachment. Thus he/ she can find a different way or someone else to share their love with. To avoid the same make sure that you always take out some time to spend quality moments with your loved ones. They will appreciate you for giving them the time out of your busy schedule.   
  • There are many unsolved issues in the relationship. It is certainly not uncanny to have complexities in relationships. Well solving those complexities together is the charm of a successful relationship. But there is a time when you do not solve your complexities. You are hurt from inside and that is what gets reflected in your relationship. So make sure that you solve your issues with your partner before the day ends.
  • Make your partner understand that she/ he is enough for you. Not always both partners are of the same status or looks. That doesn’t mean that he. She would face low. Always make her/ him realize that the person is enough for you. 

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