Analysing your relationship with your partner

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Do you think your partner prioritizes your relationship with you? Falling in love is always easy. But as time flies it appears that something is missing out. For some, the melody of a good woven relationship fades out. After some time, the relationship is like work. No matter how much you ignore you will start feeling uncanniness in the relationship. And it is the perfect time you start analysing the behaviour of your partner. It is believed to cut off terms rather been in an overburdened relationship. Such a relationship will give you pain only. And you deserve the best in your life

So here are the tips and tricks that will help you in identifying whether your relationship is genuine and still holds love or not. Let’s take a walk;

Is your partner avoiding the small deals? 

The relationship is certainly not a deal. But certainly, there are the smallest things that will always tell you how much he/ she cares for you. Well, you must have noted him/ her bringing expensive gifts for you and staying aloof the whole time. That is what you needed? Well, we never think so. Everyone loves getting expensive gifts. We can flaunt the same in front of others and make them jealous by showing how much we are lucky. But that is not what makes you lucky. Expensive gifts can bring a lot of happiness for you but that is certainly not part of life. And never makes your relationship with your partner strong. Rather he/ she gets a reason to stay away or not do small chores with you. Take a chance and prefer the small things or fun with your partner rather than the expensive gifts. We assure you that you are going to receive a memorable gift. If you find your partner ignorant then that is a sign that you need to leave. 

Do you miss the touches?

This can be a very vital question that can help you in understanding whether your partner is still interested in you or not. Do you still remember those small touches that your partner showered on you? That can be as simple as holding your hand. But those were special as they always showed you how much interested your partner is in you. His craziness does matters. And when you are missing the same that can be a sign that you need to check out your relationship with him. Sometimes you receive the touches but feel something hollow or vacant then also you need to analyse your relationship with your partners.  

Does he spend a lot of time out of the house?

It is a significant symbol that he is avoiding you or cheating on you. If your partner is still interested in you then he will take some time out of his busy schedule to spend time with you. If he is not doing the same then that does mean that he is avoiding you or not interested in you anymore. Find out the reason and you get a check on your relationship

Being in a relationship can be fun but staying in an affectionless relationship is nothing but stupidity. 

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