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Reasons to lose emotional intimacy in a relationship


What is emotional intimacy? Till now, you have heard about getting sexually intimate with your partner. You have heard about sharing extreme sexual desires between two persons who are in love. But what is emotional intimacy? And how that affects a relationship? Emotional intimacy can be characterized as connecting with your partner emotionally. Well, that never means sharing things only… Read more »

Tips to make your relationship healthy

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Are you the one who thinks that you can be in a happy relationship once you gave meet with the right person? Well, that is certainly a wrong idea. We all take the best precautions while choosing a partner. But after years (s), when we face relationship complications, we blame ourselves for choosing the wrong person. Is it so? Every… Read more »

Plan for a better future

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Do you feel planning is really important in life? Do you plan for everything or there are some special things for which you love to make plans? Have you ever fulfilled your plans? How often do you fail in fulfilling your plan? Do you give up at that time? Australia Escorts Classified Website We know there are a lot of… Read more »

Common mistakes made in a relationship

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Mistakes are inevitable. And we humans, are bound to make mistakes. But when you are in a relationship and make mistakes, it might cost you a lot. Your relationship with your partner might get to the stake. Sometimes breaking up a relationship can get one into mental depression. Not only females, but men can also suffer from it and take… Read more »

Pamper yourself for feeling good

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Do you ever get time for yourself? No matter whether you are married or a bachelor or committed, you need some me-time after a day. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how busy you were the whole day or how much you relaxed, you need some alone time for yourself after the whole day. Some might feel that they never… Read more »

Trust – the important factor for sexual happiness

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Xcotpage Is trust important during sex? How trust can affect sexual happiness? Many Factors are involved in making a sexual experience successful. It is certainly the beauty, passion as well as the skill of the partners that makes it a success. But at the same time, one should not ignore the importance of trust. Your experience with your partner can… Read more »