Do you make these common sexual mistakes?

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Sex is certainly enjoyable. It doesn’t always have to be your wife, but it can be your girlfriend, a one-night stand, or even an escort with whom you can have the most memorable sexual experience of your life. So what do accounts for your satisfaction? Is it the beauty of the babe or her skill? Certainly, you have chosen your partner seeing her looks. And your touches will never go in vain. There will be some responses generated through touches. We are not here to guide you on how you need to select your partner. That is not our forte. We are here to talk about the common sexual mistakes that can worsen your experience even with the most beautiful and skilled lady. So what are they? Get ready to know with us;

Hygiene, Hygiene, and Hygiene

One of the pillars of sexual satiation is hygiene. You will never wish to suffer from a disease or visit a doctor and spend an ample amount because you have sex with an unhygienic person. Everyone wants their partners to be clean and groomed. Facts say that when you are clean, groomed, and smell good, your partner will always love to stay close to you and do whatever it needs to take the fragrance of your body. Believe us such a session is going to be awesome and charismatic. It is all about the five sense organs – hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. It has to be satisfactory. You need to work on it. No need to spend thousands of dollars on grooming yourself. You can shave and remove the excess amount of hair from your body. Use good scented body wash. You should wear an iron and clean clothes. Top it up with perfume and you are ready to go.    

Talk, talk, and talk

Do you talk too much while having sex? Well, that can be the greatest mistake. Especially it is seen that one who is having sex for the very first time talks too much. It is generally out of curiosity, nervousness, and always the eagerness to perform in a better way. But when you wish to show that you have that power, you should allow your body to do all the talks. Well in the first stage, small dirty whispering is interesting and generates eagerness but when you are at the extreme you should shut off your mouth and enjoy the time with your partners.  

Reveal, reveal, and reveal

In the first case, you need to keep in mind that your partner is not an angel. He/ she can’t read your mind. So you should never expect the same from him/ her. Say what you want and understand what he/she is looking for. Well in this stage we need to mention that your partner’s needs are important too like yours. So you should never look for yours only. Talk with him/ her for knowing what he is looking for. But that is only during foreplay. Don’t talk too much when you are getting intense.    

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