Identifying you have lost your worthiness while being in a relation

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Tell us who is the most worthy person in your life? Well, it has to be you. There can be many special people in your life. Your mother, father, daughter, son, and even your boss. But you should give yourself a top priority. And when you are in a relationship, you need to give special attention to yourself. Naturally in a relationship, you are in love and you can do anything to be the best for your partner. You wish the best for him and will always make sure that he is comfortable and feel the happiness with you. But definitely, not every relationship is a good one. There are some relations from which you need to get out. People get confused about whether they are in the wrong relationship or not. Sometimes they do take manipulation and abuse as regular acts in a relationship. But you are doing it wrong dear. You need to identify whether you have lost your worthiness from the relationship or not. So, here we will give you tips through which you can identify your priorities. Here we go;

You are afraid of your partner. No matter whether you are making any changes in your hairstyle or changing the curtains, you always stay scared of how your partner will react. Well, that is a clear sign that you are not in the right relationship. There is always the need to be love in relation when you are getting a bit scared there is something wrong with it. When you are thinking that on how your partner will react then that means he has misbehaved or shown anger in the past. And the memory of the same is making you scared of making any changes.    

 Do you feel your partner is never happy with you? Well, that is because he is not. Maybe he has passed a comment on your look or your figure or the work you do. He always passes negative comments on you. No matter how fantastic you dress up to impress him, he always makes some wrong comments. Girl, you need to get out of the relationship.

He always forces you to do as per his thoughts. You don’t have the freedom to make any decision on the minimum aspect such as dinner as well. It is always he, who will make the decision and will drive things as per his wish. Your opinion doesn’t matter in any case.

You cover up for the behaviour of your partner. Why so? He is an individual. He knows what he is doing. Why do you need to make excuses for his wrongs? Let people understand why you need to get out from him.          

Sometimes you feel to get out of the relationship. Then you stop and think about how your partner will react. What will he do? What if he creates some nuisance in your workplace or your locality? Well, the world will never stop if you think good for yourself. He knows the best for you. And believe us the world is enough mature to understand why you left him.