4 Way to maintain ‘Me’ while being in a relationship

It sounds great to be in a relationship. A relationship has always been an outstanding treat that sizzles up one’s life with happiness. Well, you might think that relationship is only about love. Well not so… there is much more than simple love when you are in a relationship. It comes with wonderful feelings but apart from that it is everything about support and respect. It is about the responsibility that one shows towards the other. Together a worthy relationship is certainly what you were looking for years.

Thus getting into such a relationship can be highly damaging for you. Most of the time it is seen that a partner always losses himself/ herself in the same. Well, it can be devastating for you. There are many cases where one could not take the end of their relationship and break down most inappropriately. It is not worth losing yourself in a relationship. So when you are getting into a relationship you need to pay attention to some of the basic things so that you don’t lose yourself.

We are here to let you aware of certain ways that will help you in holding yourself while enjoying your relationship with your partner. So let’s go.

  1. Give importance to yourself

You must have heard about self-care. Being in a relationship you should not forget about self-care. Well, you need to place yourself on the first row. We have always seen our elder prioritizing their partners over themselves. Most of them fail and have a bitter experience of life. You should not make that mistake. You are an entity and giving importance to yourself is your top priority. When you are happy it will show in your work and your lifestyle. Thus you will be able to stay focused and do your best for your partner.

  • Count Yourself

Don’t replace the term “I” with “We”. Certainly, it feels good to count your partner within yourself. But you should never do that. Being an individual you have some dreams and expectations, and you need to work on that. You should not avoid going to functions where your partner is not invited. And not lastly for this point, never sacrifice your friends for your partner.

  • Too much comprised is harmful

Well, we have always heard that a relationship is everything about making compromises. But who says so? In this 21st century, we don’t need to make compromises. It is certainly not only your duty to sacrifice your wish and will for your partner. Keep a scorecard whether your partner is also making compromises or it is only you who is asked to do so. Don’t allow anyone to push you to the breaking point. 

  • Keep boundary

You need to protect your identity. Keeping boundaries will always help you in maintaining that self-identity. We never ask to keep secrets but there is certainly nothing to discuss everything with your partner. Let your partner understand their limit and they need to respect the same. You should never stop doing things that you love but your partner doesn’t.

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