2 Signs you have got into a toxic marriage

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Liza’s husband was the ideal partner for any girl around. He was been held up as the ideal husband that the luckiest girl can get. Thus, Liza always felt proud of such a partner. No matter what, without judging him on any basis, she always stood by the side of her husband. She shared every good and bad secret and gave her life for her husband’s happiness. The golden era continued till the time Liza gave birth to her little prince. Things changed. With more responsibility, her husband turned out to be the selfish giant she was always afraid of. It was too late by the time, she doesn’t have any branch to take support from. She turned to her parents. But alas! There was no space for her and her little son. She now has to survive in the misery and so does her son. 

I do know that this is the story of every next-door girl. But what to do? Our education system has induced sex education in the curriculum but how wonderful it would have been if there was a course to identify the toxic people before getting into some serious commitments. How wonderful it would have been if our parents have taught us about selecting a righteous partner? Ninety percent of girls have to survive in this pathetic situation adjusting to their husbands and getting numerous sleepless nights. But girl you don’t need this. You can get into a better life just by following some simple steps. 

  1. There is a scoreboard

Relationship is certainly not a game. And there should not be a scoreboard. When a scoreboard is been included in your relationship you should know that it is the time you get out of the same. Let me elaborate a bit. Your husband starts blaming you for your past mistakes. He is not ready to hear the answers and eventually verdict you as the culprit for all the wrongs that were done together or unknowingly. And over some time, you have also started blaming him for his past acts. Well if you observe her face closely you will find him happy by pulling out all the past strings and disturbing your present.  

  • Lots of complain

Certainly not only a partner can make mistakes all the time. You might be the one to make some mistakes at some point. But your partner is not willing to tell you directly about your mistake. He starts by giving hints. He finds the tiniest faults to taunt you and make your life miserable. Well, that is a clear indication that your partner is not willing to solve the issue by communication. He wants to make the issue bigger so that he can criticize you the whole life. 

You should not get blamed for a bad day at work by your partner. When he does so, that means you are his punching bag and he will continuously harm you till your last breath. You are fulfilling and should not take liability for any other person’s act. When you feel the slightest discomfort it is a sign that you are in a toxic relationship