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2 Signs you have got into a toxic marriage

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Liza’s husband was the ideal partner for any girl around. He was been held up as the ideal husband that the luckiest girl can get. Thus, Liza always felt proud of such a partner. No matter what, without judging him on any basis, she always stood by the side of her husband. She shared every good and bad secret and… Read more »

Identifying you have lost your worthiness while being in a relation

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Tell us who is the most worthy person in your life? Well, it has to be you. There can be many special people in your life. Your mother, father, daughter, son, and even your boss. But you should give yourself a top priority. And when you are in a relationship, you need to give special attention to yourself. Naturally in… Read more »

Tips for Men to Improve their sexual performance

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Everyone needs to have a delightful sexual experience. Especially men do always look for boosting themselves to get a more pleasurable experience. Well they always keep on trying for different things that help them in increasing their sexual skills. You need to take the help of experts or need to walk in the righteous way. When you think too much… Read more »

4 Way to maintain ‘Me’ while being in a relationship

It sounds great to be in a relationship. A relationship has always been an outstanding treat that sizzles up one’s life with happiness. Well, you might think that relationship is only about love. Well not so… there is much more than simple love when you are in a relationship. It comes with wonderful feelings but apart from that it is… Read more »

Do going vegan boost your sexual well-being?

By now you are well acquainted with the term vegan. It has spread like wildfire in the forest. More and more people are transforming into vegans. Some say it is better to go vegan while there are others who say that vegan is just the tantrums of high-class people. There are many misconceptions about vegan. Some do think that eating… Read more »

Reasons to lose emotional intimacy in a relationship


What is emotional intimacy? Till now, you have heard about getting sexually intimate with your partner. You have heard about sharing extreme sexual desires between two persons who are in love. But what is emotional intimacy? And how that affects a relationship? Emotional intimacy can be characterized as connecting with your partner emotionally. Well, that never means sharing things only… Read more »

Top 10 Pornstars in the world

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a boss or just a delivery boy, at the end of the day you need some sort of relaxation. You need some source to ease your tension and boost your nerves for the next day. Certainly, there are not many modes of relaxation found in an ordinary man’s life. At such a moment the… Read more »

Tips to make your relationship healthy

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Are you the one who thinks that you can be in a happy relationship once you gave meet with the right person? Well, that is certainly a wrong idea. We all take the best precautions while choosing a partner. But after years (s), when we face relationship complications, we blame ourselves for choosing the wrong person. Is it so? Every… Read more »

Tips to make your partner wild on bed

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It gets tough for men to disclose their sexual desires in front of their partners. Well, every living human being hold a different sexual need but there are some acts that especially men wish to experience with their partners. But in the fear that they will be misjudged by their partners, they hold on to their wants and keep silent… Read more »

Miracle of a kiss

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Kissing – the first step of lovemaking, stand as the ideal way to show the intensity of your love. It is the ideal way of showing how your feelings toward your partner. A simple kiss can derive the proportion of love between partners. But you might not be aware that kissing activates a lot of hormones in your body. These… Read more »

Fixing fights with your girlfriend

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You love her, right? And you never wish to lose her? Well, you never had to, provided you take the right step at the right time. Well, a relationship may not work the way you want it to. Sometimes you might feel the hurdles, the fights, and the turns that will make your life full of complications. And you feel… Read more »

Identifying you are having relationship problems

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Do you think that your relationship with your partner is running smoothly? Don’t you feel that there is some kind of disturbance? Not always you are the person to feel the vacant spaces in the relationship. Sometimes your partner too can feel that something is missing. Well, it is important to mend up those things on time. Otherwise, it can… Read more »

Common mistakes made in a relationship

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Mistakes are inevitable. And we humans, are bound to make mistakes. But when you are in a relationship and make mistakes, it might cost you a lot. Your relationship with your partner might get to the stake. Sometimes breaking up a relationship can get one into mental depression. Not only females, but men can also suffer from it and take… Read more »

Amaze your partners by being a great husband

There is nothing like the best time to improve your relationship with your partner. Every moment is best and you need to take complete advantage of the same. Well, it is not always the duty of the wife to arrange things perfectly to make the marriage successful. Being a husband you need to also take some responsibility. You need to… Read more »

Quality of Time Together

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Spending quality time together with partner You might be a lot busy in this world. And the same can be your partner. But when you are in a relationship you need some time to be spent together. Well, quality time spent together always scats like the spice that make your relationship stronger and perfect. You need to share common hobbies…. Read more »