Ways to enjoy the best oral sex

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Do you feel anxious when it comes to oral sex? You are not the only one. And to be honest, sometimes it is really awkward. Despite the hype of this sexual act, it is not uncanny to feel a bit self-conscious when it comes to experience in the real world. A blast of thoughts does come to your head when your boyfriend gets ready to go down on you. You are worried about the time and the feelings that arouse. The time is taken for the same. And also everything else that is going on in your life. Sometimes you are over-conscious about yourself while your boyfriend is enjoying you to the fullest. You do have thoughts what if he finds you not up to the mark? When you do not enjoy oral as much as your boyfriend you start looking that you are the one with flaws. 

You are not in the race alone. Searching, you will find a large number of people who have the same feeling. Well, oral sex doesn’t only surface your discomfort but it does generate your insecurity. It triggers your performance pressure. You wonder for the remedy. Here are some of the proven ways to turn your discomfort into the most enjoyable sexual time of your life. 

He is enjoying it

What are the thoughts that come to your head when your partner shows his urge to go down during sex? There are thoughts like – How do you taste and smell? Is he finding you dirty? Is he enjoying it? Are you in perfect shape to give comfort and sexual happiness to your partner?

A lot of queries. And your partner can only give you the correct answer of the same. Believe us; the study says that partners love the smell and taste of your erogenous zone. Often the smell, in fact, the sight of it, can arouse deep desires in your partner, making him run wild. 

Stop keeping a track of time

Well, there is a lot of performance pressure when your partner goes down on you. You think that you need to orgasm quickly to show how much you are enjoying with him. Well, that is wrong dear. Oral sex is not everything about orgasm but it is about creating a connection and feeling together. It is about getting the connection. So enjoy your moment other than thinking about why you are taking so much time.     

Appreciate the compliment

Oral sex is about complimenting yourself with the love that your partner is showering on you. We all live in a society where you feel shy and sometimes guilty when you are praised for the qualities you hold. It’s time that you should put down all your amour and let your partner get in to give you the greatest sensation of pleasure. Sometimes it might turn out to be self-love that you need to show toward yourself. 

Don’t hold yourself back. Flow with the mood and get the fun and pleasuring sensation that you deserve.