Pamper yourself for feeling good

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pamper yourself

Do you ever get time for yourself? No matter whether you are married or a bachelor or committed, you need some me-time after a day. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how busy you were the whole day or how much you relaxed, you need some alone time for yourself after the whole day. Some might feel that they never… Read more »

Quality of Time Together

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Spending quality time together with partner You might be a lot busy in this world. And the same can be your partner. But when you are in a relationship you need some time to be spent together. Well, quality time spent together always scats like the spice that make your relationship stronger and perfect. You need to share common hobbies…. Read more »

Trust – the important factor for sexual happiness

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Xcotpage Is trust important during sex? How trust can affect sexual happiness? Many Factors are involved in making a sexual experience successful. It is certainly the beauty, passion as well as the skill of the partners that makes it a success. But at the same time, one should not ignore the importance of trust. Your experience with your partner can… Read more »

Sexual wellness and you

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Is sexual happiness important to you? Certainly, it is … When you are happy sexually, it gets reflected on your face as well as every work you do. Have you ever thought about what your body needs after a hectic day at work? Well, it desires the touches that help them in forgetting the stressful issues they dealt with that… Read more »

The Miracle of a Passionate Kiss

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xcotpage kissing couple

What are your feelings when you see the pinkish-red juicy lips of beauty? Don’t you feel touching the same? A kiss…. That is what your heart wants and your lips too. A way of expressing the deep emotions of the heart is a touch of one’s lips with others. And the term applies in the same is the kiss. This… Read more »